Management graduate programme

For graduates who are flexible about their career path and want to experience a range of opportunities.

What to expect

The PCMS Management Graduate Programme is aimed at Business students who are flexible about their overall career path and are looking to experience real responsibility in areas such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Customer Services and Client Management. As well as practical experience, graduates will have a structured training and development programme focusing on both business and personal skills.

PCMS are looking for our managers of the future, who are keen to learn and develop a long term career with us. With a duration of 18 to 24 months, this flexible programme ensures that graduates experience the most relevant and valuable projects within each department. On completion of the programme, you will work in conjunction with your Mentor and Line Managers to finalise your continued career path within PCMS. For a full information pack on our Management Graduate programme, please email us at

Applicants should have:

  • A degree in a general Business related subject
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Teamwork ethos
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Flexibility and interest in the variety of placements offered
  • The right to work in the UK for the duration of employment

After studying E-Commerce as part of my business degree, I developed a keen interest on the subject so working for an organisation that plays an active role working with customers, shaping the future of retail and the way we shop was something I found very exciting. The fact that the scheme provides a huge amount of variance and flexibility dependant on your choices was also very appealing, as I loved the idea of having the opportunity to get a feel for different roles before making a final decision for my long-term career. So far I have had the opportunity to gain experience on real life projects and develop my skills in a variance of placements such as Client Management, Contact Centre and the Product team. I’m looking forward to see what’s in store for the rest of the scheme and building a foundation for a future career with PCMS.


Management Graduate Trainee

The PCMS Graduate scheme has given me a number of opportunities to work on live projects with many different departments across the business. Not only does this give me day-to-day corporate exposure, but also enables the development of my skills and competencies throughout the programme. After graduating from university with a Business Management degree, I was unsure on which particular role within business that I wanted to go into. The flexibility of the graduate scheme allows me to work in many different departments and identify where my skills can be best utilised.


Management Graduate Trainee

I was attracted to the Graduate Management scheme due to the rotational nature of the programme. Having completed a degree in Business I looked forward to gaining experience in a variety of different departments and areas of the business within PCMS. I had previously completed a placement year as part of my degree within the IT industry and had experience in the retail sector, so I felt that PCMS would be a good fit to my skillset and interests. I have had the opportunity to work in a range of departments including the Service Desk, Software Development, Product Management and Project Management. Each placement has enabled me to gain exposure to a new area of the business and to take on real responsibility. Having the opportunity to complete rotational placements has been an invaluable experience as it has required me to be adaptable to change and to continually challenge myself. The Scheme at PCMS provides an excellent platform for Graduates which allows them to make an impact in a variety of areas within the business and to continually learn new things. There are opportunities to get involved in the Recruitment of future Graduates by conducting Telephone Interviews and attending Career Fairs. I have also really appreciated being able to suggest and implement new ideas for example the Graduate Side Project which is a new initiative which involves Graduates working together as a team on a project to fulfil a business need. Overall the Graduate Scheme provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who don’t wish to specialise straight out of University but wish to gain real experience in a range of business areas in order to develop as future Managers.


Project Co-ordinator

Graduate programme FAQs

I got a 2:2 in my degree - can I still apply?

Yes, for both the Software Development graduate and Management graduate programmes we will consider 2:2 degree classifications, although would expect these to be supported by a reasonable level of work experience.

I'm interested in working within a specific department; can I still apply to the management graduate programme?

The management graduate programme is a general programme, and for that reason, is best suited to graduates who are not yet sure where they would like to build a long term career. If your degree was in Human Resources, Marketing or Finance for example, and you are looking for a career in those areas specifically, then you may be better suited to a more specialised graduate programme.

Do you accept applications from international students?

We welcome applications from international students who are eligible to live and work in the UK on a full-time, permanent basis. We regret that we are unable to offer any sponsorship for our graduate vacancies.

How long will it take to process my application?

We review applications on an ongoing basis. We will endeavour to feedback as soon as possible. Please bear with us, as with all graduate programmes we receive a high number of applications and ensure that we consider each application thoroughly.

Does PCMS reimburse travel expenses for attending an assessment centre?

No, we do not offer any reimbursement for expenses you may incur attending an interview or an assessment centre.

Do you offer any relocation support?

If you are offered a role at PCMS, we will pay for temporary accommodation at the beginning of your first placement and will give you time during your induction to source more permanent local accommodation. Our team have a wealth of knowledge regarding the local area and can recommend suitable locations to consider.

Do I need a driving license?

Yes. Due to the variety of departments you will work with during the programme and the travel required to customer and PCMS offices, a full driving license is required.

I have applied to the PCMS graduate scheme before, can I reapply?

Yes, we allow previous applicants to reapply to the graduate programme however we recommend that you reflect upon the reasons why your application was previously unsuccessful.

Can I apply if I have finished my degree and have already started work?

Yes, we welcome applications from those who have already graduated.

What is the recruitment process?

If you are an ideal candidate for PCMS, you will be invited to attend a telephone interview lasting approximately 30 minutes. For the Software Development Graduate Programme, this will be a technical based phone interview with a member of the Development Team. For the Management Graduate programme, the interview is usually with a member of the HR Team and will be competency based.
If successful at this stage, you will be invited to attend an assessment centre (usually these take place in the Spring) with a number of other applicants. This process will involve previous graduates and managers from across the company and will allow you to learn more about PCMS and the programme we have on offer. The day will also include a variety of exercises such as:

  • A competency based interview
  • Group work
  • Individual activity
  • Presentation

If successful at the assessment centre, you may be invited for a second face-to-face interview where you will have the opportunity to meet informally with a number of managers from across the business. Full feedback will be given at each stage of the interview process for development purposes.

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