Digital Best Practice

At PCMS we believe in total success of a project – not just delivering a solution to time and budget but designing a holistic approach that takes best practice and business process to the heart of the solution.

Best Practice

We have experience in designing and delivering digital innovation – but innovation isn’t just about the technology we use – more often than not, it is about enhanced, optimized, and changed business process.

We like to understand your full eco-system – the technologies and solutions you currently have and how these might be leveraged in the initiatives we are undertaking with you. Our approach is open – sharing and collaborating a best practice approach to digital initiatives such as click and collect, or empowering your store colleagues through instore ordering and access to digital content.

And our technology platform is ready for collaboration – it is a foundation set of microservices that can be deployed not just for your point of sale solution, but also for new selling channels such as interactive touch screens, scan/pay/go consumer apps, store manager wearables.


We also believe in defined proof of concepts (pocs) – and are passionate about the characteristics of such initiatives. Innovating with our customers is an honour and we are committed to ensuring their success as we prove them out, but also, are just as committed as we mindfully move pocs to resilient, scalable business as usual deliverables.

Best practice is applicable whether your digital initiative is business as usual, innovation, or truly disruptive – sharing technology blueprints for integration with your chosen partners and understanding the pragmatics of deploying digital in a store environment – all of this is key to ensuring successful, agile and robust solutions to your digital strategy.

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