Empower your customers by adopting new technology that keeps them shopping in-store and simplifies your IT infrastructure.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the practice of allowing customers to use their own personal devices – a smartphone or tablet – to scan goods and make payment. This self-shopping solution is devised to increase consumer mobility and is accessed by downloading the retailer’s BYOD app, which performs similar functions to mainline PoS. The simple Smart Scan & Go concept allows the customer to use the camera on their device to scan goods as they pick them from the shelf. When their shopping is complete, they can either pay at the till as normal by scanning a barcode that appears on the device or sync with a cloud payment engine such as PayPal.

In today’s omni-channel environment, consumers expect retailers to deliver a consistent service whether they are connected online or physically shopping in-store. Adopting mobile applications in a consumer-led BYOD environment is almost a necessity for those who want to keep up with their ever ‘connected’ customers. To provide a truly seamless shopping experience, retailers need a strong underlying IT infrastructure that shares information between the multiple systems and consumer touch points. This is why PCMS developed VISION OnDemand, which can be used by retailers regardless of their current PoS solution.

Advantages of BYOD include:

  • Reduction in procurement and hardware costs as the responsibility to provide hardware shifts to the consumer
  • Consumer empowerment in response to customers demanding more control of their shopping journey
  • Decreased customer waiting times at checkout as pre-scanning their shopping speeds up the process
  • Increased targeted marketing for retailers who can use BYOD to promote offers and generate cross-selling opportunities

Use mobile technology to improve your customer's experience

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