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VISION OnDemand is a state of the art portfolio of rich applications, data and services that can be used by your existing applications or plugged into solutions from other vendors.

Services-based solutions are key

A services-based, or service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a technology approach in computer software design in which application components provide services to multiple applications, either on a fixed device such as a PoS register or over a network. The principles of service-orientation are independent of any vendor, product or technology. To deliver a seamless customer journey across multiple channels requires access to key data and business functions that often come from many applications and systems frequently supplied by different vendors. VISION OnDemand provides a SOA cloud-scalable set of services that facilitates and simplifies the complexity of exposing mission critical business logic to multiple systems. Put in simple terms, our services are used within our own applications but the services technology can be exposed to other non PCMS systems to take advantage of.

What is VISION OnDemand?

VISION OnDemand services:

  • PoS registers
  • Kiosks
  • Self-scan checkouts
  • Mobile devices
  • Self-scan shopping apps (including consumer based solutions)
  • ECommerce


While an integrated omni-channel retail strategy comprises multiple systems from differing vendors to create a joined up customer experience, it’s important to recognise the need to reduce the duplication of key elements where possible and create applications that can share their logic and data between systems to reduce overlap and consistency.

VISION OnDemand contains a suite of application services for this very purpose. Some examples are:

  • Promotion calculation and campaign management
  • Card handling and payment
  • Tax calculation
  • Prices
  • Basket calculation and management

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