VISION OnDemand provides a highly scalable, service-enabled platform – powerful enough to run locally on physical devices for resilience and centrally for serving multiple applications.

Enterprise commerce platform for retail

As omni-channel retailing takes hold, the need to integrate disparate points of service presents a challenge for any organisation striving to meet the demands of consumers who expect a consistent experience across all channels. Consumers want to be able to move seamlessly between retail environments in order to make their purchase. Therefore, retailers must enable new ways of delivering information to customers – anytime and anywhere. The unique key business logic behind PCMS VISION OnDemand is ‘service enablement’. This allows it to be implemented on in-store devices with the ability to run offline for resilience, while also allowing the business logic to run centrally in a highly scalable fashion.

Delivering the desired ‘single view’

No one system can deliver everything a retailer needs in the way of IT, but integrating systems coupled with the increasing amount of ‘point solutions’ is complicated and costly. The ultimate objective of delivering a unified customer experience with a ‘single view’ of inventory and of the customer – accessible on any device (retailer or consumer) – relies on having a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) platform in place. VISION OnDemand provides such a platform. Its ‘single view’ allows you to leverage assets elsewhere in your business by integrating them into one point. This means that you can quickly realise multi-channel services, without having to significantly change the extended solution landscape. The core platform enables data services to be orchestrated and ‘normalised’ between infrastructure systems, such as EPoS, Loss Prevention, eCommerce, Order Management, ERP and Loyalty.

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